How To Deal With Haters

how to deal with haters

How To Deal With Haters

Have you been criticized and labeled by others when you took massive action on something?  You’re not alone, it happens to everyone who begins to operate at levels that are above mediocre.

It happens because people feel threatened by your activity level and will often make it seem somehow “wrong” in order to make themselves right.

Mediocre people will tell you that…

  • you are wasting your time
  • this won’t work in your industry
  • it is a turnoff to your clientele
  • no one will want to work with you

…and so on.

You know you are stepping into the realm of massive action when you:

  1. create new problems for yourself
  2. start to receive criticism and warning from others

How To Deal With Haters:  STAY STRONG!

Bust through the negativity and keep your eyes on your goals. You will receive criticism, but in time that will turn to admiration.

As you work on your 10X dream and continue taking 10X actions to make your life what you want it to be, make sure you study, train and perfect your craft and take giant leaps towards success.

Remember success isn’t something that happens to you, it happens because of you and success is your duty.  It’s an ethical issue.  It’s your obligations to max out this life you were given.  You have a responsibility to the world to show it that it can be done.

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