Problems Are Opportunities

problems are opportunities

Great Salespeople See Problems as Opportunities

Do you think that’s whacked out?  How can a problem be an opportunity?  It’s a problem!  The GREAT Salespeople don’t see problems.  The GREAT Salespeople see that problems are opportunities.

Problems are opportunities because it gives you the chance to sell something, to make a customer for life, solve a problem and win someone over.  There is a vast difference between how average people view a problem and how the GREATS see a problem.

Once you shift your think and start seeing problems are opportunities, you then become open to a whole new perspective.  Problematic customers suddenly become new opportunities to either do more business or make a fanatic.  (Think BIG FAN!)

GREAT Salespeople actually seek out problems.  They look for the problems that average people avoid because it is an easy place to shine and dominate.

GREAT Salespeople know that the harder a client is, the easier they are to actually sell.  Understand this concept and start operating from it and watch your numbers take off.

Difficult people have bank, they got the money and they can make a decision.

To be GREAT look for and solve these problems:

  • Negative equity
  • Bad credit
  • Tight budgets
  • Complaints
  • Impossible to satisfy types

These problems are opportunities in disguise.

These problems are opportunities to shine, dominate and build your business.

WARNING:  Don’t go into these opportunities half cocked.  The reason people avoid these opportunities and consider them problems in the first place is because they don’t know how to handle them.  This is a perfect time to solidify your foundation and your ability to close.  Whether it’s digging into Sell Or Be Sold and Closer’s Survival Guide or Selling Basics and Closing Strategies from Cardone University, make sure you’re confident, certain and skilled up to handle these “problems” as the opportunities that they really are!

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