How much is your time worth?

How much is your time worth

How much is your time worth?

MEMO FROM GRANT ON TIME:  How mush IS your time worth?  Let’s say you work just a “typical” job where you work just 8 hours a day—that’s 480 minutes.  If you take your weekends and holidays off like most people do, you’ll work about 252 days a year.

That’s 120,960 minutes of work in a year.

If you want a million dollars a year, you need to do the millionaire math:

$1,000,000 / 120,960 minutes = $8.27 a minute

Is time your obsession?

Maybe your time is not worth $50 per hour, but $50 per minute.  How much time do you give away every day?  TV, social media, sleeping, emails—the list goes on and on.

Your minutes are non-refundable.

You can always make more money, but time is limited.  You can control time, and you must control it because time is your greatest currency.

How are you leveraging your time as an asset to multiply your results and revenue?

Ordinary people think of how to spend time.  The greats think of how to maximize their time.  Remember that there is a difference between being busy and being productive.

Time is either wasted or invested.

I know a woman who wanted to start her own business.  She was complaining about how it would take 3 years of hustle during the evenings after her 9 to 5 job in order to really get it off the ground.

I told her:

Looktime is going to pass. 3 years from now you can have your own business or you can do nothing and wish you’d done it. Time is passing no matter how you decide to spend it.”

That’s the thing—you and I both have 24 hours each day.

Remember, you can waste it or you can invest it.  Time is passing regardless.  The question is since time will pass is, will you be closer to your goals and dreams?

Here’s a question, would you invest 20 minutes a day to increase your sales by 30%?

Sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it?  Yet more people will turn down what I’m about to offer you then they will take me up on it.    We have a routine that you can follow either with your sales team or by yourself that focuses on 4 very specific actions that when repeated daily has helped our clients increase sales volume and profits while lowering costs and helping to expand market share.  Can we share them with you?