Grant Cardone’s Four Rules of Engagement

Grant Cardone’s Four Rules of Engagement

So the customer is in your store, or sitting in front of you or maybe you’ve finally got them on the phone…  Now what???

First, in business, you must have a pipeline and a belief system that you can sell to anyone.

Once you have become engaged with your prospect here are four rules of engagement:

1. Agree. No matter what a prospect says, you must agree. No matter how distasteful, how untrue. By agreeing, you pull them in.

2. Present. You must give them an offer and your proposal should have a figure and be presented with confidence.

3. Close. Wrap the deal up and get them to purchase. When you get to the close, make sure you are with the decision maker. Qualify them and have a sense of urgency. Without urgency, there’s no point in doing the deal today, or tomorrow.

4. Follow-up. This is the holy grail of sales. Most people and companies don’t do this and it’s the most important thing there is.

Learn the rules. Use the rules and make deals.

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