10 things you were misinformed about as a child

10 things you were misinformed about as a child

10 things you were misinformed about as a child

Here are 10 popular phases that you heard over and over again as you grew up.

The problem is, you were misinformed!

#10 A penny saved is a penny earned  No it’s not, it’s a penny. The problem with this saying is that the think is too small. Nobody gets rich saving pennies.

#9 Fly under the radar — No, you want to launch into orbit. You need attention. Nobody will do business with you if they don’t know you. Get known.

#8 Buy a house — This is not the way to wealth. A home is not a wealth building investment because it doesn’t pay you every month — you pay it. It’s not an asset, it’s a liability.

#7 Be patient — If patience is a virtue, then urgency is divine. The average age of a millionaire is 62. Who wants to wait that long? Don’t be patient folks.

#6 Don’t talk about money — It’s no wonder that people don’t have money if it’s not something that can even be discussed. Meet weekly with your family to talk money matters.

This is just scratching the surface with how you were misinformed and how much false information you have to deal with in life…

#5 Eat everything on your plate — Why? Will you get rich by stuffing yourself? I always leave food on my plate. This thinking comes from having a shortage mindset when you need an abundance mindset.

#4 Get a good education — This is why so many young people go into massive debt. Then they find themselves still unable to get a high-paying job. College will not teach you how to get rich.

#3 Don’t blow your own horn — Muhammad Ali told the world he was the greatest even before he was. Likewise, I’m not afraid to tell everyone I’m the greatest salesman in the world. Blow your horn!

#2 Set reasonable expectations — Stop settling and stop lowering targets. You want to dream big and have high expectations. Keep reaching higher and don’t be reasonable.

#1 Don’t talk to strangers — The truth is strangers have everything you want. Who’s got your money? Strangers. You must learn to talk to new people in order to expand and grow rich.

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