What Money Can Buy

Grant Cardone what money can buy

What Money Can Buy

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I want to tell you everything about what money can buy.  But money is a difficult topic for most people to really discuss. In fact, there are 3 things people avoid talking about around the dinner table:

  • Sex
  • Politics
  • Money

The thought goes that these 3 things are too divisive and will only cause arguments or embarrassment.

I won’t be talking sex or politics with you today, but I’m going to talk a lot about money—so if you’re not into that, if you’re one of those people that says, “Money can’t buy happiness” etc., then you can go ahead and stop reading now.

Money is the one thing that stands between you and freedom, the ability to go where you want, when you want…the opportunity to do what you want—it’s all there waiting for you!

Basically, your hopes and dreams, all your aspirations in this world are waiting because they need FINANCING.

  • Want to help people? You need money to get them the supplies they need.
  • Want to give your time to others? You need the money in order to have the freedom to give them your time and energy rather than spend your time and energy working all day every day.
  • Want to build a business? You need money for inventory and to hire people.
  • Want kids? You need money to support all those new expenses.
  • Want to live in a better place? You need money to afford the higher rent or mortgage.
  • Want to eat healthier? You need more money to buy organic things.
  • Want to run for office? You need money for a campaign.

We live on an economic planet, everything costs something.

That means your dreams, the things you want to accomplish in life, take money!


The finer things in life. But above that, as mentioned, money buys freedom.  Freedom is a big word, a big concept. But freedom is only half of the equation.  You use your freedom to do something–you use your freedom to choose…