Comfort Zones: They’re holding you back

comfort zones

Great Salespeople stretch way beyond their comfort zones

The GREAT salespeople stretch themselves way beyond their own comfort zones.  How comfortable are you?

The GREAT salespeople are scared to death most of the time.  They’re willing to do the things that make them uncomfortable.  They may not look scared, they may not look uncomfortable, but they know, nothing great will happen from their comfort zones.

  • Do you consider yourself purpose driven?
  • Do you have a burning desire to create an economy for yourself, your family and your business?  An economy that you can truly depend on?

Without being purpose driven and without a burning desire to create an unbreakable economy, you will not be willing to break free of your comfort zones.

Great Salespeople stretch way beyond their comfort zones

Average people are looking for comfort and to stay comfortable while the GREATS don’t want average and ordinary.

The GREATS are looking for luxury, exceptional and extraordinary.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to go out and blow it all on expensive watches, cars, and boats.  What it means is that the GREAT are seeking a different lifestyle that is above average.  Way beyond average.  And that means having to go way beyond their comfort zones.

The GREATS are willing to be uncomfortable, make the uncomfortable calls, and have the uncomfortable moments in order to reach their dreams, their goals and create their economy.


Today, make a list of five things you’ve been putting off that make you uncomfortable and do one each day.  That’s five.  One for each day of the work week.  If you commit to this challenge and follow through with it, there will be a different you on the other end and the only thing this will cost you is time and guts.  Are you in?

Leave a comment below if you accept the challenge and come back in a week with your results.