What to focus on in sales

What to focus on in sales

The Great Salespeople focus on results not effort

If you’ve ever wondered what to focus on in sales and what it is that really matters in the game of selling, take your cue from Grant Cardone and the GREAT salespeople of the world.

The GREAT salespeople don’t just stay busy, they stay productive.  The GREAT salespeople are interested in productivity and results.

The answer to what to focus on in sales is results!

The Great salespeople focus on results not effort

How you ever been highly busy while not being productive?

How you ever been highly productive and busy at the same time?

You know the difference.  Which one feels better?  Which one sends you home with more energy?

You want to be busy and productive at the same time.  That’s what to focus on in sales.

In Grant’s book Sell Or Be Sold, Grant reminds us that “production yields happiness”

The only reason to track and measure activity is to make sure your activity is productive and not just busy work


  • Making news relationships
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Increasing visibility in the marketplace
  • Getting out of obscurity
  • Getting talked about
  • Presenting product
  • Submitting proposals
  • Closing deals
  • Securing referrals

Significantly better activity than filing papers, organizing your desk, cleaning out your inbox, and ordering supplies.

Staying busy without creating a real result is getting caught in the average trap.

To be GREAT, focus on results over effort.  Look at tasks based on how productive this is and avoid busy work at all costs.