Why Disrupt The Status Quo

Disrupt The Status Quo

Great Salespeople Want To Disrupt The Status Quo For Their Industries

The great salespeople of the world tend to want to disrupt the status quo of the industry they are in.

These GREAT Salespeople might even prove to be challenging for management.

SIDEBAR:  This doesn’t mean if you can’t get along with your managers that you’re automatically “great.”

What this actually means is that the GREATS want to disrupt an industry for the better.

Look at some of the GREATS…

Did Steve Jobs disrupt his industries?

What about Thomas Edison, Elon Musk, Galileo, Mozart, Miles Davis, Henry Ford?  These people disrupted their industries, people’s ways of thinking and changed conditions.  Sometimes on a global scale.

Great Salespeople Want To Disrupt The Status Quo For Their Industries

Grant’s not just talking about change for the sake of change, mind you, but change for the better.

Better, faster, quicker, more effective or more efficient way of doing things.

These people are not just rebels and renegades, but creative people looking to get the full potential from an industry, art form or society.

What can you do to make a difference in your industry for the better?

What can you do to do something GREAT in your industry?

How can you help make it better for the company, the clients or the industry in general?

What is one thing all of those who have disrupted the status quo and made a difference (for the better) have in common?  They have all operated and thought at massive 10X levels.  You can’t change the world and be average, you can’t change the status quo and be normal.  You just can’t.

Have you figured out how you can make your industry, company or business better?  What status quo is hurting your industry more than helping it?  Answer that question, then take massive 10X levels of action to make a real change (for the better).