Create Clients For A Lifetime

Create Clients For A Lifetime

Great Salespeople Want To Create Clients For A Lifetime

The GREAT salespeople want to create clients for a lifetime, knowing a passionate customer is worth more than a paycheck.

When you meet a new prospect, how many deals do you see?

Do you see one opportunity to sell something or do you see this soon-to-be client’s family, friends and co-workers as well?

Each opportunity represents multiple opportunities to expand.

The GREAT salespeople know that each client and each opportunity is worth way more than that one deal.

This will require a change in think for many.  Sure we all know this already.  It’s kind of a no-brainer obvious and it’s also how the GREATS think.  The GREATS have the ability to transition from looking at what is in front of them (a single transaction) to looking into the future (repeat and referral business).

“GREAT salespeople have transitioned from looking at what’s just in front of them to looking at clients in terms of multipliers”

Work one customer at a time?  Yes.

Treat them as if they’re all that matters right now?  Yes.

The GREATS do this because they aren’t thinking about just one customer, but a virtual well of opportunity.  The GREAT salespeople see multiple opportunities to help and serve.

If this isn’t you yet, here are…

5 steps to create clients for a lifetime

  1. Stop seeing clients as just one deal
  2. Start using the multiplier mindset to calculate the real opportunity of this one client.
  3. Know that your new client will purchase again
  4. Recognize them for the referral source that they are
  5. Commit to service this client before, during and after the sale

Follow these five steps with every customer every time and use these to multiply and expand your business.