Monkey story says everything about human behavior

Monkey story

MEMO FROM UNCLE G:  This monkey story says everything about human behavior.  A long time ago, poachers in Africa figured out an easy way to catch monkeys.  They simply hollowed out a coconut, put a bunch of jelly beans inside, then made a hole in the surface just big enough for a monkey’s hand.

They staked the coconut to the ground, so it became almost like this ball and chain looking thing.  As a monkey smelled the jelly beans, it came and put its hand inside to grab the jelly beans.  Then the poachers would come and throw a net over them, but before this could happen the monkeys would have a few seconds to escape.

The thing is, they never did.  Why?  Because to take their hand back out of the coconut, they’d have to release their grip on the jelly beans.

They wouldn’t let go, so they let go of their freedom instead.

It made me think, that’s what a lot of people do, right?  They hold on to a little bit of cash (their “jelly beans”) and it keeps them trapped.  If they’d only let go of the small stash in their hand, they’d have opportunity for freedom.

How does the monkey story apply to your life?  What are your jelly beans?  Is there something you’re holding on to that you know if you let it go, you’d have a greater opportunity, you’d be positioned to create real freedom?

What does it take to create real freedom?

One thing for sure is you need to have multiple flows of income.  You can’t hard labor your whole life and you can’t depend on the government (or anyone) to take care of you.  This monkey story doesn’t have to be your story.  I’ve created a course that will finally get this monkey off your back.

Inside my How to Create Multiple Flows of Income course, you’ll learn about:

  • The 7 Most Important Types of Income
  • The 3 Easiest Ways to Grow Your Income
  • How the NFL, Donald Trump, and Subway are all profitable in different ways.
  • The Income Types Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos use (they’re NOT the same!)
  • My income types from the late 1980s through today
  • The Ultimate Goal You Should Have—and the Specific Path to Get There

And so much more.  I’m going to walk you through a plan with specific steps, tools, methods, and strategies for you to apply to your income to blow it up.  You’ll know exactly how to assess your own situation, become financially aware and increase your pay exponentially.

Get advice, tips and complete exercises that will help you create a financial assessment of your situation and steps to increase it.

Will you let me show you what you must do to increase your income?

Monkey story