Two Hacks To Close More Deals Even Faster

Two Hacks To Close More Deals Even Faster

There are two “hacks” you can implement immediately to close more deals even faster.  In this 8 minute video, we’re going to go over what they are and then deep dive into how to train through these two hacks inside Cardone University.

Let’s start with the two hacks to close more deals:

1. Outflow is senior to inflow
2. Urgency Is KEY

Tips to create urgency:

1. Speed is power
2. Reason people buy = solve a problem
3. Know the WHY
4. Provide the solution gives relief
5. Close NOW

How to Create Time:

1. Remember YOU control time. Time doesn’t control you
2. You CREATE time
3. No white space in the calendar
4. Have non-negotiable blocks of activity

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Who Are These People???

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Who’s Grant Cardone?

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