3 Words To Explode Your Sales

Explode Your Sales

3 Words To Explode Your Sales

MEMO FROM GRANT:  Do you have proven, remarkably effective closing strategies on the tip of your tongue, so much so that you could pitch someone in your deepest REM sleep?

If not, get a pop in profits by simply applying one simple close to your arsenal…

The 3 words to explode your sales:  Visa or Mastercard?

You see, many people NEVER ask for the sale.

Have you ever met someone great at selling, demonstrating a product, building and talking about your company, but was terrible at closing the deal?

Maybe I am describing someone you work with or maybe that sounds like you.

Well, I understand because early in my selling career, I was good at the selling part and terrible at closing the deal.

There were times when I had everything going my way, I was confident my product was superior to everything else in the market, yet I didn’t even ask the client to buy the product.

Then one day, I was told: “Grant there is a big difference between selling the product and closing the dealIf you want to get good at both, you have to separate them as tasks.”

I want to help you get better at the close, and I want to help you double your sales in 60 days. 

Just implementing and making this one commitment, to ask everyone you pitch to do business, actually could be enough to explode your sales.  Seriously. 

Ultimately there’s a lot going on during the close.  In your head, there’s a lot going on and in the buyer’s head there’s a lot going on.  What you need to understand is what are you going to listen to?  All the reason why this IS a deal or all the reasons this is NOT a deal?  How do you turn off the negative and dial into the positive?  What do you do to position yourself to get into the close?  And how do you stay in the close long enough to get the deal? 

This is why we train.   

This is why Cardone University exists.   One thing I can promise you for sure.  It’s costing you way more not to have it.  Don’t believe me?  Try it out for 7-days.  Whether it’s just you or you need help training your team, I will show you exactly how to explode your sales, even double your sales in 60 days…  Sign up today!spending problem