ChiroSushi 2018 Debrief

ChiroSushi 2018 Debrief

“Helping you do you” -Dr. Ryan Bones

The Top 4 SAKI-BOMBS That Got Dropped At The 2018 ChiroSushi Summer Camp

Make no mistake, a lot of bombs were dropped and plenty of fire was spit this year at the 2018 ChiroSushi Summit in Las Vegas.

DISCLAIMER:  No CA’s were harmed in the bomb dropping and no subluxation occurred as a result of the fire spitting.

The crew at ChiroSushi delivered and exchanged with their audience in abundance.  One thing I can guarantee you with full certainty is that if Chiropractic is your primary source of income and you did not attend, it will wind up costing you significantly more for not being there than had you been there.

I took over 50 pages of notes and I’m not even in the business!

Multiple speakers delivered actionable strategies that when applied will result in 7-figure incomes.  Multiple other speakers delivered mindset approaches that when applied will result not only in the 7-figures but also getting to enjoy the sense of fulfillment and growth.

Pattern Recognition

When I get to go to these events, I like to look for and search out patterns and commonalities.  What’s everyone saying in their unique voice? What are the universal messages here?

Digesting my 50 pages of notes, I found four key patterns/commonalities (and I also know what “tapping that atlas” actually means now)


More credibility was the running theme.  If the profession truly wants to enhance, expand and cultivate its credibility then step one is to be even more authentic, more raw, more weird…  or as Brian Tracy put it, authentic-ER, raw-ER, weird-ER. Stand up and shout from the rafters. Penetrate and disseminate the message and go ahead and allow yourself to be your unapologetically weird-self about it while your at it.  Thank you JP Sears.

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” P.T. Barnum

2. GROWTH and GET BETTER: as a thought lead-ER and a SALESPERSON

Leadership and sales.  So, “sales is thing.”  -Daniel Bai.  So is leadership.  These two things go hand and hand and conveniently enough, are both skill sets that can be learned through training and practice.  Chris Voss, FBI hostage negotiator, after “losing one on the table” and during the debrief said to his his team, “look, if what we know now isn’t getting us the results we want, then the only solution is to get better.”  Why wouldn’t this apply to the current state of the chiropractic union?

Tony Robbins puts growth and contribution as 2 of the 6 most important human needs.  If you are not growing then what are you doing?  Dying.  Expand or contract?  Where did we here that? 😉

And don’t feel like you have to get the answers from me, just get the freaking answers to these two questions:

  • What do I not know about sales, that if I did, I would see an immediate 30% spike in my business?Sales can easily break down into 4 basic categories:  Prospecting, Selling, Closing, and Follow-Up. So use that, go laser in on one thing and then HANDLE it!
  • What do I not know about about being a leader in my office and local community, that if I did, the credibility of chiropractic in my community would improve measurably beyond where it is already?


Nothing in your life, you were good at when you started.  If you want GREATNESS for Chiropractic, you must be frequent with the actions that you’re taking.  You will fall, you will slip, you will trip, there will be roadblocks and obstacles on the road to success, but by you being consistent, it gives your office and community stability.  Grant Cardone teaches that creativity follows commitment and you must get frequent before you get great. We also teach folks to be willing to ask the hard questions.

A really good and hard question you can ask yourself right now is:

  • What’s that one thing I learned at ChiroSushi Summer Camp that I’m afraid to implement but I know that if I did, I’d see an immediate 30% spike in my business?  

Whatever the answer is, those are your Chiro-ChopSticks.  Everybody sucks a chopsticks in the beginning.  Handle that sh*t. Practice it every day, multiple times a day until you get GREAT at it.  Do not quit something until your great at it. Especially if it sucks and you don’t like it.  Because when you push through, doing the things you don’t want to do and get great at it, what better version of you will you run into on the other side?  And how good will that person be for your family, patients and community?


So I was looking at #4.  Build value. Deliver Value.  Was thinking about the joys of giving.  Service. “Service is senior” is one of my all time favorite Cardone-ISMs.  And then I’m like, is there, like, one word here that just kind of sums all this up?  OH…. yeah, right, it’s L.O.V.E. Love! Love is the final take-a-way. Everyone that got on that stage spoke from and came from a place of love.  If you take nothing else back to your practice but more love, odds are pretty good these other three will organically sort themselves out.

In what ways can I be even more loving with my staff?  What can I do to make sure I deliver my Report of Findings every single time from a complete place of love and service?  Can I have so much love for my prospect that I refuse NOT to close? In what ways can I use my prosperity to better serve my community, country and planet?

Chances are you doing all of this already but if you didn’t come to ChiroSushi to level up, then what the hell did you come for?

Miso Grateful

See what I did there…  Bottom line for me, this community that is ChiroSushi is ultimately about love and service to mankind.  I am blessed to be a part of it in any degree. However I can help and serve it’s members, I am 100% all in.  Chiropractic serves me and I want to serve it.

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