The truth about trying to please others

trying to please others

The truth about trying to please others

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  When I was in high school, I tried so hard to fit in I lost myself. Then I went in the opposite direction. I became rebellious and started fighting with everyone. I refused to fit in. Can you relate?

A couple of years later after failing and failing again, I realized the truth about trying to please others and being polite or quiet and going along with the crowd was not me. Being unhappy, angry and blaming others for my life wasn’t the answer either. They were both dead ends.

  trying to please othersI realized the problem was me.

It was my lack of making a decision about what I wanted to be. I didn’t know what was important to me, I didn’t know who was the real me and I made a commitment then. To throw my “fight” mentality into my work ethic.  I quit trying to please everyone else and worked on getting results only.  When I quit trying to please others and simply focused on creating the life that would please me, things started to change.

I put all my energy into prioritizing the life I wanted. I saw myself being successful, happy, and spiritually fulfilled. And it happened.  Trust me, this way is working out much better.

Sure, because of my new attitude and approach to life I’m sometimes left out of things. Some people find me too disruptive, too truthful, too in-your-face. Others say I’m too opinionated and I’m sure some probably see me as a threat. And now with my family and life the way it is there are those that simply don’t include me because they think I wouldn’t be interested. Fair enough, but I know that being true to me is the most important and only way I can be.  And by being that person that’s the reason I’m successful.

So here’s my advice, let go of trying to fit in with one crowd or the other.

STOP trying to NOT stand out and be who you are.  Stand up. Stand out.  Be out of the ordinary.  Be extraordinary! Take massive action. Have a can-do attitude in your actions, responses and outlook.

Once you give up on fitting in and being ordinary, you can be EXTRAORDINARY! “Ordinary” means like everybody else and “extra” means above and beyond. Shoot for extraordinary.

Get above the “I am going to be like everybody else and I am going to fit in and blend in.” Folks you’re not in high school anymore. This isn’t a prom where you have to be the most like-able person. Shoot for doing something really extraordinary.

Extraordinary is not fitting in.

What else can you do to NOT fit in? What else can you do to achieve the life you want? These are great questions to ask yourself. But don’t stop there. Take action and make it happen for you.  I did.  And if I can do it, so can you.

And remember one more thing, I’ve never felt like I fit in because I’ve always wanted more and couldn’t understand how anyone who didn’t justify their mediocre existence.


trying to please others