How to Attack The Day With 10X

Recently a client asked me to put together for his sales team a short, positive, encouraging message about how to attack the day and 10X’ing it.  This video is the result.

If you’d like to incorporate this into a sales meeting, by all means, do so.

In the clip I define what 10X’ing it means and then we go into the one thing you have to do before anything else if you want to attack the day and go 10X.

You and your sales team will also have 6 questions you need to answer in order to get your head wrapped around how to attack the day.

For Further Study allow me to suggest the following:

  1. READ:  The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone.  Most Americans only read one book a year.  Average CEO reads 50-60.  There’s no mystery to the wage gap.  This is it.
  2. WATCH:  The 10X Rule video on demand series.  This is 5+ hours of Grant literally walking you through each chapter of the book and adding additional commentary
  3. STUDY:  After watching the video, find one or two people (no more than that) who consistently attack the day with 10X and deconstruct / reverse engineer their actions.  Look at what they do and how they do it so you can duplicate these successful actions in your own life.

Your daily habits and rituals will determine your day

One of the habits that has changed everything for me, my career and about 10,000 other companies and small businesses is 20 minutes inside Cardone University.  This daily discipline of study, practice and training is the make / break point between a professional and an amateur.  If you’re not getting paid what your worth and what you deserve it’s due to either a lack of motivation and or skill.  Cardone University will give you both in short relevant bursts of bite-sized content.

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