3 Cardone-isms that changed my life

3 Cardone-isms that changed my life

In this half hour interview, I talk with Kameron Muzic-Ali about how his life has changed since studying with Grant Cardone and Cardone University.  We were catching up on a call recently when I asked him to do this interview.

We talk to Kameron about who he is.  And not just like his name and stuff but WHO he is.  And we also look at WHAT he does.  Again, not just in terms of how he makes a living but how he lives his life.

Where it truly starts getting interesting is when we look at where he was before he found Grant and his training.  He had drive and focus but lost his targets and goals.  Where it gets juicy is when you find out how Grant’s material not only helped change his mind, but the body and spirit changed too.

What do you think his first impression of Grant was?

Might not be what you think.  Everyone’s is a little different and how you incorporate Grant’s training into yourself can make a huge difference in terms of what you’ll get out of it and the results on your business.

There were 3 big lessons for Kameron that changed everything for him and we break each on down together while looking at where he was with his goals before following Grant and now after.

We then wrap it all all up with accountability.  How do you stay accountable to yourself, your goals and dreams and most importantly your future self that you are creating right now.

This interview shows you one man’s evolution and growth so far.  It also shows you what you are capable of.  Look, if where you are at right now is not matching where you want to be or what you think it should be, your only choice is to get better.

So please enjoy and take in Kameron’s “3 Cardone-isms that changed my life”