How to avoid BURNOUT

how to avoid burnout

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m getting burned out?”

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  People ask me all the time about how to avoid burnout.  Do you know what’s worse than someone believing they’re getting burned out?  The person trying convince someone that they’re working too hard, that they are at risk of burning out.

Take it easy,” they’ll warn you. ‘You’ll burn out if you keep working like that!

What about the old phrase, “burning the candle at both ends?”

It’s implying that the candle symbolizes your life, and burning the candle at both ends means you are exhausting yourself by working too much.  Right now, all I want you to think about is  this:

The biggest reason people tell you to do less is because they quit doing more.

They cannot afford to have you doing more as it reminds them of what they refuse to do.  Hence, they warn you about “burning out”.

Throughout my life, countless people; friends, family, customers, and even competition has offered me unsolicited advice that I should do less.

Don’t burn out,” they tell me.

The first step in understanding how to avoid burnout is to recognize, I’m not a candle.  I produce energy at will and am incapable of burnout.  And YOU are not a candle either.

If you consider it, burning out is a decrease in fuel or substance.  Purpose is the fuel that can keep you going.

I don’t believe people burn out. I believe they lose focus on their purpose.

You have a decision here.  Be obsessed or be burned out.  Why would you NOT be excited about what you’re doing every day?  If you lost your sense of purpose.

I guarantee you, if you have told others recently you’re “burning out”, it’s because you aren’t focused on a big enough purpose.  Most people don’t even have their own purpose — they’ve adopted another person’s purpose.

What gets you excited?

Remember, you’re not a candle…so how can you burn out if you’re not a candle?  Be on purpose, know where you’re going, and know what you’re excited about!

If you can’t find your mojo, don’t blame it on burnout.  Your life is like a 32-gallon tank of gas. Use it all, don’t save gas.  Don’t have it sit in your tank. Burn it up. And refuel again by knowing where you’re going, your destination, and what’s your purpose.

how to avoid burnout