Why am I not selling more right now?

Who isn’t having a tough time getting MORE sales right now?

Unless you’re in the mask or toilet paper business, there maybe some real challenges out there to growing your business.

It might have something to do with the economic crisis right?  We’re living in crazy times right now.  That’s very real.  Right up until it isn’t.

Why am I not selling

ACTION IDEA #1:  Make a list answering the question, “Why are you not getting more sales right now?”  These are the reasons why you’re not getting more sales right now.

Do you have your list?  Good.  Now look at each reason and ask yourself the following hard questions:

1. Is this reason actually true or am I using it as an excuse?
2. Why am I allowing this reason/excuse to hold me back?
3. What am I getting out of this excuse?  Is it making you feel comfortable or uncomfortable?
4. How would your life be if you simply couldn’t use these reasons or excuses anymore?
5. What would you then have to do?
6. Are you willing to let go of the belief, reason, excuse?
7. Who can you get that is going to help you stay accountable to your goals and not tolerate your bullsh*t?

Because you can close more sales and create more income in your life if you really want to.

Regardless of what’s going on out there, the answer to why am I not selling more right now and the only thing actually holding you back is you.  Your thoughts, decisions and actions.  Your life.  Your story.  Your move.

Now that we got that covered, let’s get into how to move forward and how to increase your sales by keeping it simple and effective.

There’s only two reasons a person takes action, makes a commitment and buys something.

  1. To solve a problem or
  2. They fall in love and “HAVE” to have it.

And whether it’s reason number one, two or both, the other thing happening here is that it meets at least one of your buyer’s basic natural needs.

When you can help your buyer satisfy their “basic natural needs with your product or service, they will fall in love and it will solve a problem.

Here are the 5 methods with which to motivate the buyer to purchase whatever you’re selling now vs later:

  1. Provide a service that can help a customer make money.
  2. Offer a way that you can help the customer save money.
  3. Create a solution to save the customer time.
  4. Give the customer a way to connect with others.
  5. Elevate your customer’s status.

Does this make sense or are you still feeling stuck and a little overwhelm?

ACTION IDEA #2:  Make another list.  Rewrite these 5 methods to motivate a buyer in the form of a question that asks how you and your product or service meets a buyers needs.  Then answer the question for real.  Also if your thinking that your product or service doesn’t meet one of the five needs, let me just say first, you’re right, totally understand how you can feel that way.  If it did meet that need, how would it?  Get creative here.  And that may mean you need to get your commitment dialed in a little better because what follows commitment?  Creativity!

  1. How many ways does my product/service help my buyers make money?
  2. What are the ways in which my product/service saves my buyer money?
  3. My product/service saves my buyer time because…?
  4. How does my product/service help my buyers meaningfully connect with other people?
  5. In what ways does my product or service elevate my buyer’s status?

When you have the answers to these questions and you can get 100% certain about them, you will get unstuck.

Homework to further handle: why am I not selling more right now?

ACTION IDEA #3:  If you have access to Cardone University, I’d like you to go through and take copious amounts of notes on the following two courses.  The first one is called THE MOST IMPORTANT SALE and was recorded in the later half of 2010.  The second one is called HOW TO BUILD UNBREAKABLE CONFIDENCE and was recorded earlier this year.  If you don’t have access to Cardone U, this content is also discussed in Sell Or Be Sold or you can actually get 2 weeks free on Cardone U right now if you want to see for yourself what over 10,000 companies and small businesses are doing to stay certain and keep selling even in these uncertain times.

Bottom line:  No matter the status of the economy, you can have financial freedom as long as your goals are right, your future is crystal clear and you have the right training to get you there in less time with less learning from experience.


Why am I not selling