Three Tips For Handling Internet Leads

Three Tips For Handling Internet Leads

Are your internet leads converting at the rate you think they should?  Have you been trying to figure out what else you could do to get your buyer’s interest and engagement?  Are you getting enough appointments and do those appointments show up?

Handling Internet Leads

Appointments = Deals

If you or your salespeople are struggling with getting more appointments and are trying to figure what ways to handle this in today’s market with today’s buyer, then there is good news, there is something you can do about it.

I’m going to deliver to you right now the three most important tips for handling internet leads and increasing conversions.


What’s a guy gotta do to get a phone call around here anyway?  Did you know that 48% of salespeople never follow up?  Additionally, per GC himself, a business’s biggest problem (salespeople, you’re a business whether you know it or not) is obscurity.  If they don’t know you, they can’t do business with you.

People, even in 2020, are only giving their hard earned money to people they know, like and trust.  Keep in mind, you may be able to get by on just know and trust.  Sometimes, people will buy from people they don’t like due to time constraints and availability but you really want to be at all 3 if you want more that just getting by.

So reach out and touch someone!  Give them a call.  Let them know you’re a real person.  Your picture at the bottom of your email signature, while cool, will not be enough.

Recently, I shopped 5 companies looking for a big ticket item.  Nobody called me.  I had to call them.  I shouldn’t have had to do that.  It takes 8-12 attempts to just get into communication with someone.  That’s you making 8-12 phone calls.  People are too busy to call you back.  It’s not their responsibility.  It’s yours.  Call people.

NOTE:  What it there’s no phone number?  I’ll cover that in tip #2…

And the #1 reason you’re not calling is you don’t know what to say or do when the buyer picks up the phone.  You have too much mystery about the call and people will always avoid the unfamiliar.

Bottom line is until you commit to your future self, your goals and dreams and your company, you’ll never be willing to embrace the discomfort to push and you’ll continue to just get by but you’ll never kill it.

ACTION IDEA:  Use the follow up tool inside Cardone U.  Let Grant load you up with 25 different reasons for calling, what to say and how to leave a message.


Phone calls are great.  It’s the most important part of effectively handling an internet lead.  So if 48% of people don’t call, that means 52% ARE.  So how do you further stand out and separate yourself in a big way?  Personal video.  Now they’ve spoken to you, send them a video so they can see you.  Your competition is too average to bother with this.  Take advantage if it.  Leverage it.  Send your leads a personal video.

ACTION IDEA:  When to send a video

  1. If no phone number, ALWAYS send a video
  2. Right after the initial call as a personal introduction w/ contact info
  3. As an appointment confirmation / reminder
  4. Short product presentation of ONE feature
  5. Appointment or call recap

Video tips:

  • keep it pithy
  • good lighting
  • smile
  • annunciate
NOTE:  If you’re worried about wasting your time, would you rather cause something to happen or be an effect of something, or nothing in this case.  Waiting for something to happen…  how’s that been working out for you?


In sales there is an old and still relevant adage about double dollar demonstrations.  Meaning when you present your product you need to build double the value into the product.  So if you’re showing a $30,000 product, you better be doing a $60,000 demo.

The thing that is getting missed now more than ever is that the “demo” starts the moment the lead comes in.  Google a product or service you’ve been thinking about with the words “near me” at the end and see how many choices you have.

Are you going to leave the customer’s decision about who they’re going to do business with to just price?  Every company selling a similar product or service will all be in a similar price range.  So while a customer will say they’re only interested in the best price it’s because they’re trying to protect themself.  The reality is they need to be serviced all the way to through the sale.

That big ticket item I was looking at lost all it’s flair based on the low level experience I received from these five companies.

ACTION IDEA:  How are you creating a first class luxury experience for your internet leads?  What do you charge for your product?  Double that.  Now, what can you do to make their experience shopping with you with that number?

Handling Internet Leads RECAP:

So start by being the first to respond and do it with a phone call.  Your autoresponder is probably either going to spam, getting deleted without being opened and probably doing more harm than good.  YOU be the auto responder and make the call.  Get the conversation started!  Communication is everything!!!

Use video to personalize yourself and the customer experience.  This is a massive opportunity to get and keep interest, create engagement and seperate yourself from the competition.

And lastly, deliver a 5 star luxury experience.  In Sell Or Be Sold, Grant says, “treat ’em like a millionaire.” and “make service senior to selling.”  Doesn’t matter what level you sell at, you’ll never go wrong by making the entire purchase experience something a multi-millionaire would expect.

Is what you’re hearing here making sense?  Do these sound like effective tools with which to get more appointments, engagements and conversions?  Which one of these do you need the most help with?  Would you like Grant and I to help with that?

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