Who should answer the phone at your dealership?

Who should answer the phone at your dealership?

Who should answer the phone at your dealership?  How do introverted salespeople compare to those that are extroverts?

New York Times best selling author, sales trainer, and entrepreneur Grant Cardone recently spoke with Car Biz Today to discuss these two topics and whether a sales member or BDC member should be answering the phones in the dealership.

Some of Grant’s tips for handling phones in the dealership

  • Make sure everyone is well trained and can handle calls
  • Answer the phone in 2 rings
  • Answer the phone with an urgency to serve

What to do if you’re salespeople are introverted

  • Nothing wrong with being introverted
  • Open calls with excitement
  • Thank the client for calling
  • Offer information to establish common ground
  • Be interested not interesting

What about phone training?

Cardone On Demand has over 50 chapters and courses on phone training and handling incoming calls for all positions in the dealership.  Your customers are shopping and buying differently now.  The way the look for and gather information today is no where near the way it was before.  Cardone On Demand‘s phone mastery program was personally designed by Grant to help everyone at the dealership capture the right data from the buyer, set real appointments that actually show up and consequently collect enough information so that you can effectively service your customer all the way through to the close.   In side Cardone On Demand‘s Phone Mastery program you’ll find full scripts, training paths, interactive role-play, and real time corrections.  Effective for the the receptionist, the sales floor, managers, your internet, BDC and chat.