Grant Cardone on Understanding The Buyer

Grant Cardone on Understanding The Buyer

Let’s just open this up with a little introspection shall we?

“Understanding the buyer starts with understanding how you buy…”

Understanding The Buyer

In 2020 we got hit with an unforeseen pandemic that rocked the entire world.  And that 100% shifted our thought process when it comes to making a purchase.  Obviously buying habits will change depending on the economy, the season, and what special circumstances are out there.  Which is why we have to pay attention and be prepared.

Even though we are not all programmed the same, our buying thought process follows a type of flow no matter what.

It has to do with the way products or services are presented to us, the amount of times we see them, and the need we have for them at the current moment.

ACTION IDEA #1:  Grab a notepad and answer the following questions:

  • Have you seen a change in the way that you and other people buy nowadays?
  • And are the type of items or services that are being bought different?
  • How often you make a purchase?
  • What and how has your criteria changed for purchasing?

Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness.

If you are a business owner or a sales person who wants to increase sales and close more deals than you need to understand your customer’s needs and deliver your products or services in a direct way…

…all of which I we show you in the Understanding The Buyer Course in the Cardone University coaching program.

ACTION IDEA #2:  The number one reason people buy anything is to solve a problem.  What questions can you ask the buyer to better understand them and their problem so you can solve it.

This is actually one of our most popular courses because we show our clients how to identify your customer’s needs and learn then how to effectively guide them through the sales process.

Almost every single customer is different and within this course you will…

  • Do you know the most important rule in selling?
  • Would you like to find out the ONE thing that every customer will spend more money on?
  • What would it be worth if you could be successful with every customer, not just the easy ones?
  • Can you handle a difficult customer?
  • Is there a way to handle a customer who’s asking for a discount?

In the the Understanding The Buyer Course you’ll get everything you need to make a MASSIVE change in how you run your business.  Understanding is the first part, taking action is the second part.

Understanding The Buyer