Do you understand customer needs?

understand customer needs

Great salespeople take the time to understand customer needs

To effectively understand customer needs, remember every customer interaction is a unique situation with every customer being unique with unique needs.

The GREAT salespeople are able to get in there fresh and determine the WHY!

The GREAT salespeople take the time to listen to find out what that WHY is.  They take the time necessary to really understand customer needs.

Ask yourself, what’s the why?  Why are they here today?  Why do they want this?  Find out why is it important to them?  And make sure to figure out why now.

One of the major mistakes of all amateur salespeople is that they don’t get the why.  The path to greatness starts with understanding the why.

Great salespeople take the time to understand customer needs

The GREAT salespeople find out what’s most important

The GREAT salespeople are able to find that dominant buying motive.  That one thing that causes someone to release money and make a decision.

Getting to and understanding the dominant buying motive is a skill that takes time to develop.   The best way to understand customer needs is practice and study.  Make sure to use the FACT FINDING chapters inside Cardone On Demand or Cardone University.  There’s over 42 chapters in there just to show you how to understand customer needs.  If you don’t have access to either of our online programs, call 310-777-0352 for a three day trial.  You can also brush up on understanding customer needs from digging back into Sell Or Be Sold.