The Work Ethic of Santa Claus

Work Ethic of Santa Claus

The Work Ethic of Santa Claus

What can we learn from the work ethic of Santa Claus?  You know the song.  Santa Clause is coming to town!  No matter what happens in the world, Santa is making his list and checking it twice.  This guy’s an inspirational example of a 10X work ethic.   No matter what your religion is, no matter who you are, What can Santa teach you about work?

In this quick video with Grant pasted below, he’ll talk about the work ethic of Santa Claus and what he can teach us.  If you’re a leader in your group, the holiday season is the perfect time to have this conversation with your sales team.  Whether they believe in Santa or not, there’s still a lot we can learn from this jolly old elf.  Watch this short segment with your team and after words have a conversation about going to work for/on purpose, like Santa…

Santa is a guy who lives and breathes the principles in Sell Or Be Sold.  Santa’s in the people business for sure!  He knows all about the values of Give, Give, Give.  Santa know that service is senior to selling, and that a great attitude is worth more than a great product.

The Santa Claus work ethic has also conquered time. He, the reindeer and them elves are going at 10X levels all year long in preparation for one single night.  If you can duplicate the work ethic of Santa Claus you too can create a success that will go down in history.