The Number 1 Reason You Don’t Close A Deal

The number 1 reason you don’t close a deal

A survey of over 1100 salespeople indicates that handling objections and closing the deal are the biggest weaknesses of ALL sales people.

Grant Cardone created The Closer’s Survival Guide for YOU so you can become GREAT at Negotiating and Closing.

Grant Cardone gives you his full assurance to you that this will be the BEST most current information you have ever read or listened to regarding how to Close the Deal.


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The number 1 reason you don’t close a deal is simple.  It’s lack of material.  GREAT Closers are problem solvers.  People buy to solve problems and people have problems to solve before they can buy.  Great closers know this and are ready to handle anything.

In order to get a deal you’re going to have to help your buyer solve a problem or problems.  Is there something undisclosed, undiscovered, something not being talked about yet, something you need to handle?  What if you’re on the wrong product?  It’s not ethical to sell someone the wrong product.  This is why Grant would never sell ice to an Eskimo.  Perhaps you’re on too much product or what if you’re not on enough product?  This too can be a barrier between you and a deal.

Great closers know what to say and how to uncover the unspoken.  They know how to handle any objection, any complaint, any concern and any situation.

Inside The Closer’s Survival Guide, Grant Cardone delivers to you over 126 of the GREATEST closes you will ever hear.  Grant Cardone will also carefully instruct you on precisely how to use them, when to use them and how to handle ANY and EVERY objection a customer will EVER give you.


The Number 1 Reason You Don't Close A Deal

Do you know the number one reason you don’t close a deal?