Work Ethic Traits

Work Ethic Traits

Work ethic traits:  How are yours?

Do you have the work ethic of an obsessed person?  Does your work ethic traits match those of an obsessed person?  Do you have the persistence of a maniac?  If this is NOT you, we have some work to do.  It’s time to get it!

If you want to be great, if you want to dominate your marketplace, if you’re going to get the great things out of business and in life, you’re going to have to outwork everyone.

What are your work ethic traits?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes?  Are you willing to do the stuff others will not do?

You can’t rely on just talent.

Put your faith in your efforts and your work ethic.

  1. Show up
  2. Do whatever it takes
  3. Go the extra mile
  4. Don’t quit, even when everyone else does

Your mission should be when you walk into a room, people think, “Oh my God, this person is in an entirely different league.”

Exercise:  Write down 5 people you thought of that are like this.   What do people do when they walk into a room?  What would it feel like if that was you?

That will only come from an obsessive work ethic, lots of 10X effort, going the extra mile, doing whatever it takes, and doing what other people refuse to do.

Somebody once told Grant, “if you just do what you love to do, you’ll be successful.”

Grant’s answer:

“Hey, it’s BS…  you got to learn to do the things you hate in order to be successful.”

Go back to the 5 people, do you think they got that way by just doing what they love?

Challenge:  What can you do this week that you’ve refused to do in the past that will bring you more success?  Now go do it!

Remember, You’re GREATNESS, don’t fight it

work ethic traits

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