Take responsibility for everything

Take responsibility for everything.

Take responsibility for everything

The Great Salespeople go WAY beyond just selling their product or service, but take responsibility for everything to do with creating a customer to make a sale.

You’re not passing the buck are you?  Because to be GREAT, you have to go way beyond just selling.  You don’t stop at selling.  This is where average and the good get passed up.  The average and good sell but quit servicing.

The GREATS take is all the way –  The GREATS go WAY beyond selling and instead take FULL responsibility for the outcome.

The GREATS take responsibility for everything.

Not just the follow-up, but getting the financing in place, getting the property appraised, the GREATS want to be a part of it all and feel personally responsible for each step in the process.

The GREAT Salespeople take responsibility for everything – for how the deal turns out – good or bad –

To be one of the GREATS, you have to see the deal all the way through.  You have to do whatever it takes to get the deal done.  Remember, you create your economy – nobody else.  Do you want normal and average?

The GREATS aren’t just selling anymore.

They are on a mission.  They are driven by a deep purpose and they know that it is their responsibility to see it all the way through!  Chuck the “job description” routine and get it done.

For further clarity on this mindset to take responsibility for everything, review  Theory of Closing inside Cardone On Demand, Cardone University or The Closer’s Survival Guide.