Grant Cardone says YOU Have a Spending Problem

Grant Cardone says YOU Have a Spending Problem

Maybe you have this spending concept flipped?  Where are you focused?  Are you spending more time on expenses and constantly looking at and for ROI?  What you should be doing is looking at your income.  How to this expense impact and effect the income.  Grant Cardone doesn’t look at expenses.  Ask Grant and he’ll tell you, “I look at did I grow my top line or not? I don’t try to lower my expenses. I want to grow them.”

You don’t have a spending problem. If you’re worried about expenses, the bottom line is, you have an income problem.

Here’s a 5-point scale to determine what to spend your money on:

  1. Need to live (basic needs)
  2. 100% chance of making money
  3. Possible chance of making money
  4. Maybe need it
  5. Zero need

Spend your money on the top 3 and in that order.  And stay in the top 3 until you can afford 4 and 5.  Because if you do #5 too soon, how can you truly enjoy it knowing you really can’t afford it?

“You can only reduce your expenses so far until you run out of room.”

Seriously, you can’t save your way to wealth.  Just not going to happen.  Grant suggests you put your attention on the one that has the most upside.  If your focus is on saving and scarcity, what do you think will attract into your life?

So your challenge here is this.  Identify where you’re spending money now.  What category are you spending most of your money?  Is the more activity in the top 3 or the bottom 3?  What do you need to sacrifice that’s in the bottom 3 and reallocate to the top 3?

And where does personal development fall?  1 or 2 right?  Especially if we’re talking about increasing the income.  And how to you do that at the root level?  Sales.  And once you know that, now what?  Got to up that game!  What part of sales is your biggest hurdle to increasing income?  Is it you’re not getting in front of enough people?  What happens once you get in front of a client?  How effective are you and building value beyond the cost?  Can you shut the deal down and push for a decision?  What about follow through and delivery?   Where ever your biggest opportunity for increasing income, we have a solution and over 1500 answers to your problems.

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