10Xing your income and the surprising perk

10Xing your income

10Xing your income and the surprising perk

MEMO FROM GC:  Many people ask me what’s the best thing about being wealthy.  It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing, but freedom is at the top of the list.  Freedom to go where you want, when you want.  Freedom to do business with who you want.

But one perk many people don’t think about is the freedom to give.

When I was broke, I knew even giving $20 to charity was a problem because the money would have to come out of my limited budget for basic living expenses.  The reason charities exist is because a problem exists in the world and the money given to the charity can help solve that problem.

But there is also something more to giving than just solving a problem—it makes you feel good.  The problem is, very few people who make up the middle class in America have leftover money to give.

Sure, a person can give $100 while making $35,000 a year, and to give something is better than giving nothing, but deep down we all know little money can only solve little problems.  Being wealthy allows you to start giving at levels that will solve more substantial problems.  And the bigger the gift, the better you feel.

Are you’re making less than 100K with a little money leftover ?  It should probably be spent investing in yourself.  This way you can help yourself, because the truth is you can’t help others until you can help yourself.

If you’re stuck living paycheck to paycheck, sooner or later you will be the one in need of charity.

The ability to give money in life can’t be underestimated because the more you’re able to give, the more you will enjoy your life knowing you’re doing good things in the world by helping others.

The bottom line is, I want you to be able to give more to the charities that matter most to you.

Will you let us help you start 10Xing your income?

10Xing your income