Secret code words: Do you know these?

Secret code words: Do you know these?

We’ve all said these things — and if we’re honest, we know deep down there is a hidden truth behind these phrases, right?

It’s something we may not want to admit, so we cover it up and HIDE the real meaning.

“I hate Mondays” is code for “I know I won’t make big money this week”

I’m not an extrovert is code for “I’m ok being broke

I’ve got some stuff planned is code for “I’m procrastinating

“I’m trying” is code for “I’m about to quit”

“That’s not my job” is code for “I’m a follower, not a leader”

“Patience is a virtue” is code for “I’m not in a hurry for success”

“Money isn’t everything” is code for “I’ve quit financially”

“I don’t have time” is code for “This isn’t a priority for me”

I’m gonna try paid ads is code for “My emails don’t convert

“It’s the journey, not the destination” is code for “I have no clue where I’m going”

How about this one?

“Put your money in an IRA or 401K” is code for “You have no clue what you’re doing with money, so we’re going to scam you.”

You need to crack the code. You need to unlock the secrets.

This is why I’m doing a special, one-time live event on SECRETS OF THE WEALTHY.

Are you ready to learn all the secret codes the wealthy already know?

Secrets Of The Wealthy