Sales training in your dealership: worth the money?

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Is sales training in your dealership worth the money?

Is sales training in your dealership worth the money? That’s the question you’re trying to answer.  How do you even start making that decision?  If providing sales training for your dealership is worth the money?  Of course, it is.  It seems obvious.  So why the hesitation?  Maybe it’s the wrong question?  Perhaps, the real question is, will the program get used or will it be another thing we tried that didn’t work?  If sales training works, it’s an asset.  If it flops, it’s another liability.  So that’s the reality.  How do you also make sure that it is an investment with a solid return and not just another expense on the statement?  What’s the ROI of the light bill?  What then is the ROI of keeping the metaphorical lights on for the salespeople?  What about the waving flailing inflatable tube man?  What’s his ROI?

For many dealerships as well as the companies we work with outside the auto industry, sales training is the fuel for the engine of the company. In Grant Cardone’s book, If You’re Not First You’re Last, Grant tells us the number one reason a business fails is not because it was undercapitalized…