Grant Cardone teaches sales Jui-Jitsu

sales Jui-Jitsu

Grant Cardone teaches sales Jui-Jitsu

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  Wait, what is sales Jiu-Jitsu?  Let’s start with just jiu-jitsu for now.  It’s a system designed to end a confrontation.  By using Jiu-Jitsu, a person can establish a good position and use leverage against an opponent.

I want to show you how using Jiu-Jitsu principles can help you in business with your fight for more sales.

The customer isn’t your opponent, but your customers will confront you with objections—and if you don’t know how to deal with them, then make no mistake about it, you will LOSE.

Master the skills below and you’ll have a bigger bank account!

Jiu-Jitsu, at its core, seeks to establish a position. This is different than boxing, which is more focused on knocking out your opponent.

That doesn’t mean that in jiu-jitsu you’re not looking to win, it’s just you go about it a different way. Don’t focus on the knockout (the close) from the first moment you greet the customer, instead, focus first to get into a more dominant position.

Sales Jiu-Jitsu means control.

It is easier to control an opponent when you have a dominant position.

You have a far higher chance of finishing the fight (closing) successfully from a dominant position than you do of catching an opponent with a lucky punch.

If you’re doing sales calls over the phone, you’re not going to close a deal without control of the call. A lack of call control will prevent you from getting the information you need to properly qualify the customer and make your pitch.

A customer will assume control if you don’t.

In sales, it’s your responsibility to take control by making people comfortable and handling their fears.

Your big challenge is to get on common ground without wasting the customer’s time. Most salespeople go out of their way hunting for this thing called common ground.

  • “Crazy weather, right?”
  • “Where do you work?”
  • “Nice kids you got there.”

These are all hit or miss because they are not reasons people want to talk to you.  People don’t want you calling them to talk about how the weather is where they are. It’s not authentic.

Think about what you have in common with everyone.  Common ground can include:

  • Wanting Information—They want it, you have it.
  • Getting in and out—You want that too.
  • Making a good decision—You also want to be sure they don’t make a bad decision.
  • Not being pressured—You don’t want to pressure them either.
  • Don’t want to waste time—You don’t want to waste yours either.

Address all the above to get on common ground—I also have ready-made scripts to help you with all this.  Sales Jiu-Jitsu is about being in control, deflecting complaints and objections, and flipping your customers from negative to positive!

This is what the 10X BOOTCAMP Boot Camp is all about.

I want to invite you to my DOJO where I’ll teach you the tactics you can use in business to increase your sales 10X.