The easiest way to beat the competition

The easiest way to beat the competition

The easiest way to beat the competition

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  48% of all salespeople never follow up.  64% of companies admit they do not have any organized way to nurture a lead.

Learning follow-up methods is a game changer and a way to dominate your market.

If you follow up better than the competition, you’ll win big.

Keep in mind the average company takes almost 72-hours to follow up a lead and you can see why contacting a customer in the first 5 to 10 minutes increases your chances of closing the customer 900 times!  You beat the competition to the contact, in follow up and in the experience.

In consulting with one company, my firm discovered that their industry in general struggled with the practice of following up with customers. So, we looked at what their competitors would not do and found that none of them called back clients as they left the store.

This led the company to immediately initiate programs in which clients would be called back as they drove out of the parking lot.

Managers then immediately started calling clients’ cell phones as they left the company’s premises and asked them to return.

If the call went to voicemail, the manager left a message requesting the client to, “Please come back immediately. I have something you must see.” Or the manager would send a text suggesting that the company had something to show the client right away.

If there was no successful contact made, another manager repeated the callback program.  They did it on the same day and again the next morning.

The results were crazy.

Almost 50% of the clients returned immediately, and almost 80% of those became buyers at that time. Another 20% returned as a result of the later calls and increased the sales of that organization to new levels.

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t doing a great job of follow up. The reality is none of us were taught creative ways to follow up.

Beyond a manager just saying, “follow up” over and over—there has been very little instruction on the topic.

Some companies have surrendered to the idea that their people will not follow up.  Their solution is to pay other companies to send cookies and mail.

I have invested the time in creative follow up ideas, calls, scripts, and strategies for sold and unsold customers and put them all on video so your sales team can know what to do and say on day one, two, three and through a full 365 days! [GET FREE ACCESS]

In many ways, the follow-up call can be more challenging than the cold call…

And nobody wants to do the cold call.  The follow-up call is even more challenging than contacting someone who you don’t even know.  But it’s the follow-up call that really gets a sales cycle rolling so you can beat the competition.

A number of things could be happening with why your lead loses interest: