Sales Lesson: How Hungry Are You?

How Hungry Are You?

Sales Lesson:  How Hungry Are You?

How often do you act hungry with a customer? At Cardone Training Technologies, we tell every customer we’re hungry. “We need your business and we want your business. We want to do this for you because we know it will help.”  Let your competition act like they don’t need the business, you need to be hungry for it!

Excerpt From 100 Ways to Stay Motivated

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Stay hungry and act hungry with every person you meet. You want them to know you are hungry.

The worst thing you can do is start actually trying to suppress the idea that you want something.  Don’t suppress it because suppressing something means you demotivate yourself.  Now we know a lot of what you’re hearing here may be against what you’ve been taught by your family, by the church, by your educational system, or by college.

Have you been in any groups where they’ve been telling you “bring it down a bit, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble”.  Those people are wrong.

You want to act hungry and stay hungry, even if it’s “unacceptable” to others, even if it’s not the social norm.

Let everybody know you’re different, let them know you’re unique, let them know you’re hungry and let them know “hey I want your business, I need your business so I am hungry for your business” and that’s gonna get you more business, more deals and people will know that you’re motivated.

Final Thoughts

How hungry are you?  When you aren’t hungry, you won’t tell people you’re hungry. Some people are too shy to tell someone “I want your business.”  If you’re too shy, you’re just not hungry enough. Don’t suppress your hunger for more deals. Stay hungry and ACT hungry.