RESULTS: The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

Last Week’s Word, what was it? Do you remember?

Do you remember last week’s Word? It was effort. effort, e-f-f-o-r-t, effort.  Check this out.  I’m about to go from Morpheus (yeah Morpheus from The Matrix) to Chris Farley’s version of a motivational speaker in one sentence.

What if I told you that without this week’s word, last week’s word isn’t going to mean jack squat?

Results:  The Wednesday Word.  This week’s word is results.

Are you getting them?  One way or another, you’re getting them.

Results:  The Wednesday Word

Results:  The Wednesday Word

RESULTS:  The Wednesday Word ~ Here’s what I want to focus on…

When we start thinking about results, something that results as a consequence, issue, or conclusion, meaning, your effort or lack thereof, produces a result.

Either way, let me say that one more time for good measure, your effort or efforts or lack thereof, produces a result.  You are getting a result either way, regardless of the amount of effort that you’re putting forward.

Short version: your effort always produces a result.

So here’s the real question…  If you’re getting a result what kind of result do you want to have?  And considering most likely, if you’re reading this, to some degree, you are either in sales, business or marketing, right?  You are in a business culture in and in a business environment.

Let’s just talk about the results you’re going to get from work.  And then let’s expand that out into the rest of your life.

What kind of results you want to have?  What kind of results?  Do you want to have good ones or bad ones?

Okay, I’m going to talk about the ultimate result.  And the ultimate result is found in this book here, The Closer’s Survival Guide.  It is called The Winners Exchange.

…once someone is actually closed and agrees to own your product, service, or get behind your dream, at that moment, he is carrying something forward with him that he didn’t previously have. If what was received was actually worth more than what was given to you In exchange, you will be able to repeat this process over and over and over.”

If what was received was actually worth more than what was given to you…

In exchange, you will be able to repeat this process over and over and over.

This is what Grant calls The Winners Exchange.  Okay, so think about, it’s not enough to just get somebody to give you money for what they want and you have.  If you’re in the auto industry, that means somebody gives you money, you give them a car, and a set of keys, okay? The winners exchange needs to go beyond that.  So for us, if I sell you this book, if you bought a copy of this book, having it is one thing, but until you read it, that’s something entirely different and until you actually use the material in the book to close a deal, then I truly haven’t served you.  I truly haven’t exchanges with you and you truly have not received the full result of the book.

So the winners exchange for you and your industry, what does that look like?

How is it that you give more than what you ask and that they get more than what they gave?  So when you start thinking about number one, what you do for a living?  How can you execute the winners exchange and strive for that result in everything that you do?

And not just your clients, but let’s see about how can we get the winners exchange going on with our co-workers, with our superiors in our company and then let’s go home.  How do we get the winners exchange going on with our significant other, with our spouses, with our family with our friends and dare I even say the people you don’t know, but just happen to encounter along this wonderful road of life that we are on?

Have you ever heard of the 10 foot rule? The 10 foot rule means that if you encounter anybody within 10 feet, that you should acknowledge their presence?  Well, I’m going to encourage it and invite you (and push you) to go for the winners exchange with those people as well.  Don’t just acknowledge their presence. I mean, how many people do we see that even don’t even do that?

So let’s just not acknowledge their presence, but let’s see if we can leave them just a little bit better than we found them.

Let’s interact, the winners exchange with everybody.

And if we just made that a habit, what kind of world would this be?

Results:  The Wednesday Word for this week, let’s look at the effort that you’re putting forth and since I told you I’d tie these two together, let’s look at the effort that you’re putting forth. Okay. What kind of results do we want to get? We want the winners exchange with every effort that we put forth. Okay. And how do I make this something that I’m always thinking about how do I make it so that everybody I encounter I’m legitimately going for the winners exchange that’s beyond win win win. You agree?

So have an amazing week start implementing looking for the effort produces the result. And the result we want is the witness exchange, which is one step above win/win. Have a great week.