10 Quick Ways To Advance Your Economy

10 quick ways you can you advance YOUR economy

Let’s look at 10 quick ways to advance your economy.  Here at 10 things, Grant says, you can do to make more money.  If you need to make more for whatever reason, what can you do about it?

Remember in the 10X Rule, Grant talks about the four degrees of action.  Doing nothing or retreating is not going to get you more money.  And just doing what you’ve always done will not improve your situation either.

This means it’s go massive time

  • Take on another job
  • Learn a new skill
  • Improve those skills you have in some way
  • Start a home business
  • Get involved with a direct marketing opportunity
  • Help solve problems in the marketplace
  • You can learn a new language
  • Read a book each week
  • Listen to audio programs
  • Help out with the community

Looking at the 10, were there any you found yourself in disagreement with or doubt?  Did you know the average American reads only one book per year while high 6 and 7 figure earners and CEOs are reading a book a week?

If we’re not making the money we want and deserve, it’s no one’s fault except out own.  It means there’s something we don’t know.

How could helping out in your community get you more money?  Money follows attention.  Your biggest problem is and always will be obscurity.  Getting involved with your community will get you (and your business) the attention it needs.

The possibilities here are endless.

Most people use time as an excuse for not doing things that they know will be good for them and claim that they just don’t have time.

But the reality is that most of these people simply refuse to put worthwhile items on their schedule.

What’s the lesson?  Make sure you max out every moment of every day.

Allow me to run down the 10 quick ways to advance your economy list again:

  • If you decided to take on another job, what would you do?
  • What new skill could you learn that would generate more income?
  • Could you improve the skills you have in some way that would position you to make more money
  • What kind of home business could you start.  There may be tax benefits to that as well.  So not only making more but reducing your tax burden would increase your income.
  • Have you look at a direct marketing opportunity to get involved with?  Why didn’t you do it?
  • What are some real problems in the marketplace you could actually help solve?
  • How many languages do you speak?  Could you set aside an hour a day to get fluent?
  • Read a book each week
  • Can’t read, listen to audio programs.  Drive time into learn time.  This will be a huge game changer for you
  • Help out with the community.  Keep in mind, money follows attention.  Get attention by doing something good.