Four Ways For Getting Out Of Obscurity

Getting Out Of Obscurity

Four Ways For Getting Out Of Obscurity

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  30 years ago, there were 4 main ways that you could get known, ways that you could become a celebrity. You could get on the radio, get in the newspaper, network with people in person, or get on television.

Today in 2017, you can still use those methods, but there are newer ways to get known and go much wider with your reach and influence.

Here are the four ways for getting out of obscurity and becoming a celebrity in your space:

1) 1980’s: Newspaper / 2017: Blogging

It used to be a big thing when you could get in the paper, but nobody buys newspapers anymore because we have the Internet. Your blog is the new newspaper.

2) 1980’s: Radio / 2017: Podcasting

While there are plenty of uses for radio, people want to listen to things on demand in today’s world. Get your own podcast and you basically have your own radio show today.

3) 1980’s: TV / 2017: YouTube

I don’t need to be on TV to be on someone’s screen today.  A business or sales people needs to recognize that whole world is using social media.  People are using YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and stars are being made on these platforms. Every person who wants to get well-known should be banging live videos out on a regular basis.

4) 1980’s: In-Person Networking / 2017: Social Media

Back in the day you had to get out of your house, go across town, and meet up with people in person to start prospecting and to get known. While face-to-face networking is still very effective, if you aren’t networking on social media, you’re not really networking.

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Getting Out Of Obscurity