Production:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

Production:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

INTRO:  Turns out today’s word very well may be the actual secret to happiness and prosperity.

WORD: Production (noun)

Production:  The Wednesday Word

DEFINITION of Production:

  • something produced : PRODUCT
  • a literary or artistic work
  • a work presented to the public (as on the stage or screen or over the air)
  • something exaggerated out of proportion to its importance
  • the act or process of producing
  • the creation of utility, especially : the making of goods available for use
  • total output especially of a commodity or an industry often attributive : something not specially designed or customized and usually mass-produced a production car, production housing


affair, fruit, handiwork, labor, output, produce, product, thing, work, yield

ETYMOLOGY of Production:

1400, produccioun, “a coming into being,” from Old French production “production, exhibition” (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin productionem (nominative productio) “a prolonging, lengthening,” noun of action from past-participle stem of Latin producere “bring forth” (see produce (v.)). Meaning “that which is produced” is mid-15c. Colloquial sense of “fuss, commotion” is from 1941, transferred from the meaning “theatrical performance” (1894).

Production:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:

True or False: In sales, massive action is the one single thing that will guarantee you increase success more than any other.

True or False:  Production builds confidence and security; production gives people the sense of hope.


Most people don’t get enough in life only because they never do enough in life! Production makes people feel good. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re producing just so long as you’re doing and producing something constructive. Decide to produce something and produce it in massive quantities and you will win in life. Production results in happiness. This is a basic truth in every religious, economic, and ethnic group on this planet. People feel better when they are producing, and the more production they generate, the better they will feel. Money may not make people happy, but production will…  Anyone who tells you that you’re working too hard is not working hard enough. Unfortunately, such people have given up their hopes of having an extraordinary life. Such people are mediocre at best and have forgotten about the dreams they used to have.

What’s your target this month?

Add 5…  What if you hit it?  What happens when you hit it? How much more money does this make you? What could you do with the extra money?

OK, let’s say it’s the 25th of the month and you’ve already hit the number.   Got it?  How does that feel? You’re going into the last days of the month and you’ve already hit your goal.

Feels pretty good right?

So, how did you do it? It’s the 25th of the month…

How many customers did you produce to hit your number? How many appointments did you produce? What % of those set appointments showed up? What % of those showed appointments closed? How many phone calls did you produce to set these appointments and how many demos did you produce? How many proposals did you produce? Are you happy or sad?  Can you see what’s possible, what you can have?  What will you do about it?  Will you become the kind of person who takes massive action to produce the results needed to create your goals and dreams?

Production: The Wednesday Word