What’s the difference between an objection and a complaint?

 GREAT Salespeople know what’s the difference between an objection and a complaint!


Back in the day, Grant goes into a company and the sales team has a prospect they’ve been working on that they haven’t been able to close yet.  The sales team tells Grant what they thought the objection was.   They said it was the price, the product, could have been anything really…

Grant goes in, approaches the client and says, “Sir, I need you to sign right here.”

Client:  “Well what do you mean, I told the other guy the price was too high and I got a better deal down the street.”

Grant:  “Sir, I need you to sign right here.  I understand all that, I’m with you on all that, I agree with you on all that, and I need you to sign right here.”

Client:  “Uh…  OK!”  And then they sign up!

The sales team freaks out and asks, “How did you do that?  What just happened there?”  What happened was the sales team didn’t know what’s the difference between an objection and a complaint.

They made a complaint into an objection.

Grant’s got a great example here.  If somebody says to you, I don’t like the weather today, it’s not your responsibility to fix the weather.  What would happen if you could see objections the exact same way?

How do you handle these objections now?

  • The price is too high…
  • I can get it cheaper somewhere else…
  • The payment’s too much…
  • Need to shop around more…
  • I need to talk to my spouse…

“Why don’t you just close?”  Grant asks. “How do you KNOW that these ‘objections’ aren’t just like, ‘it’s the weather?”

You can’t solve problems that aren’t actually problems!”  -Grant Cardone

Many of the things we hear and label as objections are merely just complaints.

The GREAT Salespeople acknowledge the objection, agree and close.

Example:  “Yes, sir, thank you, sir, you’re right.  It is a lot of money.  Now will that be Visa, Mastercard or American Express?”

“Well, I guess, Visa.” the customer says as they reach for their wallet!

See?  Just a complaint.

The GREAT Salespeople KNOW what’s the difference between an objection and a complaint which makes closing a deal look like magic!

CHALLENGE:  Practice treating objections as only complaints.  Get with a partner and drill this down.  You’ll need ammo for this though so if you’re using Cardone On Demand or Cardone University, crack open Quick Fix to load up.  Otherwise, dig into your copy of The Closer’s Survival Guide.  Drill this town until it becomes second nature.  Also, if you need help on further wrapping your head around this, review Ten Reasons Closers Fail online or in The Closer’s Survival Guide.

BONUS HOMEWORK:  Review The Magic of Agreement from Fundamentals of Selling inside Cardone University.