The Purpose of Marketing

The Purpose of Marketing

What is the purpose of marketing?  If you want to get money or more money for that matter you’re going to have to get attention for yourself and your business.  “Money,” as Grant Cardone teaches “follows attention.”   What that means is you will either be known or you will be gone.  And that is the theme to Grant’s latest strategy of the week.


purpose of marketing

Be Known Or Be Gone

This is something that Grant had been saying it for longer than he can remember yet people are still asking his why he’s constantly promoting his business and his brand.

ACTION IDEA:  Why are you NOT constantly promoting your business or your brand?  When was the last time you examined your volume of promotion and outflow?  Are you doing enough?  How will you know when you are?

Three ways you know you’re promoting enough:

  1. New problems.
  2. Criticism from average performers
  3. Hate from the pretenders and quitters.

The reason Grant promotes, promotes and then promotes some more is that in business…

if people don’t know you they ain’t gonna flow you”.

You may have the best product but if nobody knows about it then it may as well not exist. You may have the best service but if people are unaware they ain’t gonna care.

Simply put “best known always beats best”.

You gotta get known. You gotta take some risks. It’s your job to get in front of as many customers in as many places and show them “Hey look!  This could solve your problem!” If you don’t make that happen, then nobody is going to pay you for anything…  how can they? They don’t know you exist?

The purpose of marketing is to get attention

Good, bad, it may not even make a difference.  Grant’s not all that concerned with whether or not someone loves him or hates him as long as they know him.  After all, Grant says, hate is just a twisted form of love. Whoever gets the most attention will win the money game.

ACTION IDEA:  Who can you think of, in addition to GC, who has leveraged attention to win the money game?  Make a list of 5 individuals and see if you can identify some common traits and behaviors that you can duplicate.

But what if I’m not  comfortable with constantly promoting myself and doing whatever it takes to get that attention?  Did you know that in actuality Grant is an introvert?   And the bottom line for Grant is that he knows that as great as his products are, great products alone never win.  That’s why he’s always out there and if you want to get known you gotta find a way to get out there too.

Now if you need some help on getting  your promotion game on…

There’s no better way to jumpstart it than by attending my 2021 10X Growth Conference which is coming up in March. This is the worlds’ biggest business, sales and marketing event on the planet and we can tell you that this year’s Growth Conference is going to be BANGING!

You’ll be surrounded by thousands of 10Xers both in-person and online. That alone represents a unique opportunity for you to promote your brand and your business in the ultimate network setting. Plus you’ll get invaluable coaching and guidance from me and my celebrity guests who will be there to educate, enlighten and entertain you for three full days.

Attention is the name of the game, people. If you want to learn the rules and master this game, then come hang with the players at the 2021 10X Growth Conference. I look forward to getting to know you so I can flow you.

purpose of marketing