Problem customers are opportunities

Problem Customers

Problem customers are opportunities to create fans

Grant calls him “Wankor Willie.”  Any salesperson in the business for more than 5 minutes knows exactly who the problem customers are.

They’re the whack jobs, they’re tough, they’re unbelievable, you can’t satisfy them no matter what!

The GREAT salespeople see these problem customers as opportunities to create fans.

“Because for every screaming customer that you’ve ever had; when they start screaming the other way about how good you are, how great you are, how incredible, that “problem” becomes bank!”   -Grant Cardone

These “problem customers” turn into money when they become a raving maniac fanatic customer about you and your service.

You’ll have a fan for life!  Think of it as free advertising!

The GREATS know this.

Get the “problem customers” turned to raving fans and you have a big asset for yourself and your company.

Exercise:   Who are some of the tough clients you’ve worked with recently?  Debrief the entire deal.  Grab a notepad and write out the answers to the the following questions.

  • What did you do to make them a huge fan of yours?
  • What can you do next time?
  • Could you have listened a little more?
  • Been more empathetic?

Keep in mind the first rule of selling when handling the Wankor Willies.

Challenge:  Next time you get a Wankor Willie, turn him into a fan and a friend.  See what happens and let us know how it went down.

If you don’t know the First Rule of Selling, it’s time to break out your copy of Sell Or Be Sold and get very clear on that!