Grant Cardone 85 Closes

Grant Cardone 85 Closes:  So easy, even a kid can do it!

Access this Program in Cardone On Demand now and start CLOSING DEALS!  This is all the ammunition you need to close ANY deal!

With Grant’s Automotive Closes you will learn 85 of the sickest closes that will turn any objection into a deal.

It has been said that the average customer will object at least five times before they finally agree to a proposal. By survey, the average sales person knows only four closes and will quit prior to ever getting agreement from the buyer.

A little kid masters the close, can you?

Grant Cardone 85 Closes is the automotive closes audio program that will teach you exactly how, for the first time, to quit selling, quit talking, and finally start closing more deals.  Grant Cardone 85 Closes will prepare you on how to handle any objection and close any situation.

This is an incredible sales training course that also comes with a reference book of all the closes.  This will make it very easy for you to find and then use the exact closes you need while you’re working a deal!  With Grant Cardone 85 Closes, you will learn the incredibly critical words and phrases that Grant uses everyday.  The best part is you get to hear the tone and inflections that are so critical to your success in the close.

Thousands of salespeople have used this training to increase their income because these specific 85 Automotive Closes is the most complete, comprehensive and advanced compilation of closing word tracks available in the marketplace today.

Training with this program should be done daily.

How to use Grant Cardone 85 Closes to get a deal a day:

  1. On the drive to and from work:  You want the material consistently being repeated and integrated into your selling approach.
  2. The Grant Cardone 85 Closes for automotive can also be used with a friend. Grab a partner and drill down the material.  Role play to guarantee you can use the closes confidently in any selling situation.
  3. If you’re a sales manager, use this in a sales meeting for guided role play and training.  One close can be played and demonstrated to the group.  Follow that by  pairing up sales staff and drilling as described above.

These three strategies will guarantee that you and your staff gets the most from your new closing program!  Since its release, This one program alone has helped thousands of sales professionals achieve higher closing ratios.  They now reach higher levels of income and better provide for their families.

To quit selling and start closing!