PRESENT:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

PRESENT:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

INTRO:  Today’s word uses 6 unique characters, has 7 letters and 3 different meanings that are all interconnected.  Today’s word is going to be about time and giving.

WORD: Present (it’s an adjective, noun, and a verb)  Present can describe a state of being, an activity or action as well as those things you give on special occasions.

DEFINITION(s) of Present:


  • in a particular place.”a doctor must be present at the ringside”
  • existing or occurring now.”she did not expect to find herself in her present situation”
  • fully focused on or involved in what one is doing or experiencing.”you have to put everything out of your mind and be really present”
  • the period of time now occurring. “they are happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present”


  • show or offer (something) for others to scrutinize or consider. “he stopped and presented his passport”
  • give someone (a gift or award) in a formal or ceremonial way. “my students presented me with some flowers”
  • represent (someone or something) to others in a particular way. “he presented himself as a hardworking man”
  • (of an opportunity or idea) occur and be available for use or exploitation. “when a favorable opportunity presented itself he would submit his proposition”


  • a thing given to someone as a gift. “a Birthday present”

ETYMOLOGY of Present:

It’s from Latin.  Praesent.  Meaning “being at hand”  Then there’s Praesentare, meaning “to place before.”

Present:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:

How does one word become so complex?  And what the heck do we do with all these meanings?  Especially when it comes to sales and business?  I mean how do we be present in order to present a solution so we can receive the present that is the commission?

Here’s three steps to be more present with your clients and opportunities:

  1. Listen:  give them all of your attention.  BE present, be with them and…
  2. Acknowledge:  Let them know you heard them.  People need that.  It’s so important and will make your entire life easier.
  3. Align:  They will never ever see it your way until they know you can see it theirs.  Period.

These 5 rules will help you make a great presentation:

  1. Always control the presentation.
  2. Be sure your product is ready to present.
  3. Make people comfortable.
  4. Show improved value or efficiency.  You can’t prove value if you’re not hitting on the dominant buying motive.

And on the present that is your commission…

All of life is a commission. Every reward you will get is a commission. Your production, your ability to produce, your ability to perform in the marketplace is where you get your security from, and commissions are the way to create financial success for yourself and your household, so don’t be scared of the idea!”  -Grant Cardone