10X Growth Con 2021 Quotes

10X Growth Con 2021 QUOTES

So for the last 5 years in a row now, people from all over the world have gathered together in Q1 to put real attention on creating their best year ever.

The 10X Growth Conference was created for forward thinkers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business owners and anyone else who seeks to define the marketplace today and tomorrow. In just a few years, the 10X Growth Conference has become the world’s largest business training event for sales and marketing.

10X Growth Con 2021 Quotes

Here’s fifteen 10X Growth Con 2021 Quotes to guide the rest of your 2021.

These are but a small sampling of bombs that got dropped and a small sampling of the brain power that was present at this event.  Yours will be different.  If you missed it or need the recording, it’s only $97 right now.

Who spoke at 10X Growth Con 2021?

ONE:  “Quit trying to be perfect, just be you.”  -GC

Opening day, Grant gives you permission to be yourself.  Don’t allow the alleged need for perfection to prevent you from starting.

TWO:  “Hold yourself hostage until you meet your demands.” -Jesse Itzler

I was on a coach call when he said this.  I saw it when another one of my coaching clients, Lori, texted it to me and my mind blew off.  What do you demand from this life?  What do you demand from you?  You do have demands don’t you?  If not, get some.  Then, what do you need to give up, sacrifice, eliminate or execute in order to make room for the successful actions required to meet your demands?

THREE:  “Don’t follow your passion, bring it with you.” -Mike Rowe

This complements Jesse Itzler’s quote so perfectly.  This is the Dirty Jobs guy.  Think of the stuff you have to do that you don’t want to in order to create the things you do want.  This quote reminds us that passion is an energy that we can generate, harness and direct.

FOUR:  “You’re either creating or destroying your empire with every decision you make.” -Elena Cardone

Husbands, wives, future husbands and wives, employees, employers, this is for you.  Before you make a decision, turn this quote into a question and ask it of yourself.  Even a little decision can have a massive impact.  Look at what a massive impact a microscopic virus has done to our planet.  Every decision we make has a consequence and a reaction.

FIVE:  “Saying ‘I’ve heard this before” is incredibly dangerous” -Pete Vargas

And the reality is, no you haven’t.  Every morning you wake up a different version of you so don’t shortchange yourself and miss out on new data or a deeper understanding of material simply because you’re afraid of wasted time or boredom.  The greats do the same things over and over again.  How many jabs has Floyd Mayweather practiced?

SIX:  “Kill em with competence” -Cindy Eckert

We’ve been trained to believe we kill them with kindness and while that certainly is true, why not throw in an added dose of competence in there for good measure?  The challenge hidden in that message though is, are you competent?  How competent can you get?  Probably going to need to bring some passion and repeat some behaviors a few gazillion times.

SEVEN:  “Haters have a job to do” -Tyrese Gibson

Let them do it.  Don’t make a thing out of it and don’t get sucked in.  Way better places for your energy.

EIGHT:  “Whatever you talk about, you speak into existence.” -Brandon Dawson

Moral of this story is be very, very careful what you say out loud.

NINE:  “I’m always asking, what’s next.” -Tommy Hilfiger

This is also a lesson in how to stay alive.  Grant also said, “I am defined by what I do next.” Creating or destroying?  More or less?  There is no same.  Same is backwards and to do nothing is to retreat because everything else is moving forward.

TEN:  “What you admire, you can have.” -GC

What would you need to do to let go of any resentment about someone else’s success?  The more you hate on that or make up reasons to minimize the hard work that went into that success the more you limit yourself from having that same success.  Wouldn’t you rather be curious and inquisitive at how they did it?

ELEVEN:  “Coasting is the first stage of pain.” -Glenn Sanford

How comfortable are you right now?  If you’re “all good” or “all set” you’re slipping into the danger zone.  Normal levels of action is the most dangerous and all you need to prove that is 2020.

TWELVE:  “Change starts with changing how you think.” -Don Peebles

“To change” Grant says, “you gotta change.”  This about what it take to become a Black Belt in a martial art.  What kind of evolution does a martial artist go though?  What is their white belt understanding of a technique verses the black?  How many times did the way they think about a punch evolve over the years?  Why wouldn’t that be true of your success.  If what you know right now is not getting you where you want to go, start by changing the way you think.

THIRTEEN:  “Procrastination is lying to and betraying yourself.”  -Scarlett Cardone

Man, kids say the darnedest things, don’t they?  I’ll just leave this here where it’s at and let it all hang there like someone breaking wind in church.

FOURTEEN:  “Learn how to get great at the things you hate.” -GC

Kind of a theme here…  Might be worth making a list of all the stuff you know you’re not doing or hate doing and then identifying the one that really gets at ya and then attack that one thing until you master it.  What would that do for you?

FIFTEEN:  “If you’re not winning, you haven’t gone all in.” -Jarrod Glandt

Great one to wrap up these fifteen 10X Growth Con 2021 Quotes.  Best part about it is it needs zero explanation.  It simply is the truth.  What kind of applicable nuggets will you get?  If you weren’t at this years event, the recording is out and available for you to sink your teeth into and right now it’s only $97.  Check out cardonesolutions.com/recording.

10X Growth Con 2021 Quotes