I’ve seen this before (and other ways we shortchange ourself)

ways we shortchange ourself

I’ve seen this before (and other ways we shortchange ourself)

Looking at the ways we shortchange ourself, let me start with a silly question.  What does Grant Cardone’s Strategy of the Week, the word triggered, and my ego all have in common?  My Monday post is typically a breakdown and analysis of Grant’s Strategy of the Week.  Last week, I did a deep dive in to the video where Jarrod, President of the Company, interviews Grant.  I covered the entire video.  The last strategy of the week however, only covered a few poignant segments of the interview.  And while I was doing it, I was thinking to myself, man, this is a LOT of content…  Maybe I should split this up.

Imagine my chagrin when I pull up this week’s strategy and see that the idea of splitting this up wasn’t just my idea.  Since I kind of rely on that for content, I’m looking at this weeks strategy and I realize I covered all this last week.  I’m like, “man, I did this already!”  Triggered!!!!

Have you ever said any of the following:

  • I’ve seen this before
  • I saw this already
  • Already read it
  • I did that already
  • Been there, done that
  • I finished it

This is one of the ways we shortchange ourself.  This is also a limiting belief system that most likely we learned from someone else that our ego had picked up and is now running with.  It is also holding us back.  Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things?

These statements are 100% entirely false.

If you’re seeing this, I’m going to assume you’re alive and living on planet Earth.  Are you the same person today that you were when you were a baby?  What’s changed?  Aside from everything…

Anytime you go over something you’ve already gone over, technically, you’re doing it for the first time.  We are in a constant state of growth and change.  Everything is different now.  Perceptions and experience has changed how you will see it thins time.  Have you ever watched a movie for a second or third time and still seen or notice something you missed the last time?  Speaking of time…

What time is it?  The time is NOW!

There is only one real moment and that is the one you’re in.  What you do in this moment is what will create the next.  And that is a decision you make.  Previous moments can and will influence that decision.  So when we see something for a second, third, fourth, fifth time, ask yourself, what can I learn this time around?  How many times has Tiger Woods worked his swing?  His swing is in constant evolution, he is in constant evolution and so are you.  We all are.

There is a tremendous value in repetition.  Repetition provides practice.  Practice is required and needed in order to master and maintain skills.  Repetition will improve your speed, it will increase your confidence and repetition strengthens connections in the brain.

>>ACTION IDEA:  Anytime you catch yourself feeling the apathy of a “been there done that” attitude, do these three things.

  • ONE:  Catch yourself doing it
  • TWO:  Ask yourself the hard question.  Why am I resisting an opportunity to evolve?
  • THREE:  Embrace this moment of repetition and commit to learning and finding something new or gaining a deeper understanding

Back to Tiger.  What do you think his understanding is of his swing now vs 20 years ago?  If you’re in sales, consider any step in your sales process.  What is your understanding of it now vs when you started?  Are you still evolving?

Have you ever said: “There’s nothing to do.”

There is always something to do.  Waiting for something to happen is never going to make you more money or help you create the life you deserve.

If you’re in sales there are only three things you should be doing with your time.  You either need to be with a customer, looking for a customer or getting better at doing the first two.

Too simple?  Good.

>>ACTION IDEA:  When you catch yourself saying, “there’s nothing to do” do a quick inventory.  (Managers try this when you hear a salesperson say this.)  Are you with a customer right now?  How much prospecting and follow up have you done today?  If the answers to these are above satisfactory, then go practice.

The dichotomy of “finished”

If ever you find yourself low in the esteem area or just not feeling too good about yourself, go find something you haven’t finished and then finish it.  Completing tasks, checking off to-do lists, TCB (taking care of business) is good for the soul.  Finishing what you start is essential to your well being and your success.

There is a dichotomy here.  And the good news is it is a learned belief.  There is a prevalent middle-class concept that follows the idea that at some point we stop growing.  This is a myth.

  • Finishing what you started:  Good
  • Finishing life:  Bad

Grant Cardone has said, most people die in their 30s or 40s and then take another 30-40 years to make it official.

Are you The Walking Dead?

>>ACTION IDEA:  Take a look at where you’re at right now.  Are you operating at your full potential?  If the answer to that is no (and it should be), what do you need to know and be better at to be living at your full potential.

Part 1:  Write yourself a virtual love letter.  500 word essay titled:  What my life WILL look like when I am operating at my full potential and living as my highest self.

Part 2:  Now that you know what it looks like, isolate and identify the things you know you need to get better at and improve in order to get there.

This gives you a target and a check list of things to what…?  That’s right, FINISH.

Conclusion:  The ways we shortchange ourself

Have you noticed that the ways we shortchange ourself is typically learned or taught?  Occasionally it’s a decision we made based on an experience we had and that too means it was taught.  Do you find it empowering that if you learned it, you can unlearn it and then replace it with something that serves you better?

And would be a bad idea for you to learn from others who have done this spectacularly?  Would it seem ridiculous to surround yourself with a bunch of other folks all looking to reach their highest self?  Is it crazy to take time, energy and money and invest it into yourself?

Do you have your ticket to 10X Growth Con?