How To Maintain A Positive Attitude

Grant Cardone on How To Maintain A Positive Attitude

If you’re looking for how to maintain a positive attitude, you can start by avoiding these 7 things that Grant Cardone Tweeted and posted on the Facebook this week.  Here they are…

1. Newspapers
2. Television
3. Radio
4. Alcohol
5. Drugs
6. Doctors
7. Hospitals
Right now most of the world is experiencing the full effect of COVID.  People are starting to get vaccinated and we are at the beginning stages of getting back to some level of normal.  Last weekend my wife and actually went to a movie.

This list of seven things to avoid is basically your playbook for staying positive…

And not getting infected with negativity.  Because negativity and negative people are HIGHLY contagious.
Do you know anyone who literally puts out such a bad vibe you can feel them before they even walk into a room?  That would be someone worth avoiding at all costs.
And so it goes with newspapers, television and radio.  Unless YOU can control the content, don’t put yourself in harms way.  The sole purpose of the news media in this generation is to keep YOU distracted, offended and in mystery.
So again, if you’re for how looking to maintain a positive attitude, you can start by

Not intentionally exposing yourself to negativity.

Next, 86 the drugs and alcohol.  Speaking from experience, nothing good will come from it.  Nothing.  For me, that means none of it.  Haven’t had any of it since 2007 and it has left my head clearer with more focus and less distractions.  Additionally, who’s supporting your drug and alcohol use?  Are they helping you live at your fullest potential or actively engaged in keeping you average and mediocre?
Lastly, hospitals and doctors.  Now before you go all now wait a second, that sounds irresponsible on me, keep this in mind, when you do watch TV, especially the news and prime time, what kind of ads are you seeing?

It was calculated that in the first nine months of 2019, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States spent 4.54 billion U.S. dollars on direct-to-consumer advertising [source]. 

That’s their ad budget.  Not the revenue or profits.  Ad spend…
They’re literally in the sick business, NOT the health and wellness people business.  It’s in their best interest to find something wrong with you, slap a label on you and then give you a drug.  Point being, avoid it until you have to.  Personally, I see a chiropractor every 2-3 weeks, eat right, exercise 4-5 times per week, maintain a spiritual practice and take my vitamins.
So this week, if you’re not already, look to control the content in your mind, keep your mind and body healthy and I’ll level with a few other things that are contagious share with me by my good buddy David Starline,

WARNING:  Also Highly Contagious!  

  • Kindness,
  • patience,
  • love,
  • enthusiasm and
  • a positive attitude.

Don’t wait to catch it from others, be the carrier!