The Grant Cardone Code (of conduct)

The Grant Cardone Code (of conduct)

Here’s a couple of interesting questions for you to start the week off.

  • If you could be anything, what would you want to be?
  • And what would have to happen for you to be that?

ACTION IDEA:  Actually answer these questions.  Don’t get all hung up on things like age and ability.  Just allow yourself to dream with no limits.  If you could be anything, what would you want to be?

And what would have to happen for you to be that?

What if you legit don’t know what would have to happen for you to be that?  Like you have an idea but it just seems too far away and you can’t quite grasp it.  When you look at other’s living their life on their terms, who’ve created financial freedom and success, do you ever wonder what they got that you don’t?  What do they know that you don’t?  How do they operate?  How do they think?  Can you adopt those same thoughts and behaviors or did you get resentful?

What you admire you can have.”  -Grant Cardone

That juicy nugget was delivered at 10X Growth Con this year and should empower you to release any resentment for success that you may be carrying around with you and instead start investigating exactly how you can have it too.  Because if one can have it, anyone can have it, assuming one is willing to put in the work and do what is required to create success.  And success will be created by your thoughts, your decisions, your behaviors, your actions and how you conduct yourself.

Grant Cardone has a code.  He posted it on The Twitter in early March.  I added the “of conduct” part because when I looked at them all, I realized that this code is a list of daily behaviors that anyone can implement and apply.  The challenge we’ll have, as always, will be in the implementation.

ACTION IDEA:  When we go over this list, I want you to look at what commitments you WILL make to put The Cardone Code into practice every day.  Find actions and activities that you can do daily to execute the code.  This will be how you conduct yourself everyday.

The Cardone Code (of conduct)

Conduct is the manner in which a person behaves, especially on a particular occasion or in a particular context.  So how can this become your code of conduct?  What will DO today to find your inner strength and build yourself up?  Will you pursue challenges today?  Can you commit to outwork everyone?  How will you face your obstacles?  Will you prove the haters wrong?  I mean you do have haters don’t you…

If nobody hates what youre doingnobody knows what youre doing.”  -Uncle G

Today, how will you hold yourself accountable?  What limits are you going to breakthrough today?  Did you that if you never give up, it’s impossible to fail?  So for today, don’t quit.

Lastly, imagine being able to operate with the idea that there is no finish line.  And who taught you that there was one and what was their motivation for doing that?

Bottom line, we live in an expanding universe.  The Big Bang is still happening.  Creation is still happening so if God ain’t done and you’re in her image, you ain’t done either.  There is no finish line.