DEPENDABLE:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

DEPENDABLE:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

INTRO:  Today’s word is something that you can be and it is also something you can do in order to remove fear and doubt from your life but it does come with a price tag.

Dependable: (adjective)

DEFINITION of Dependable:

  • trustworthy and reliable.
  • capable of being trusted or depended on

“a dependable source of income”
“a dependable assistant”
“needs a dependable car for work”

Synonyms:   calculable, good, responsible, safe, secure, solid, steady, sure, tried, tried-and-true

ETYMOLOGY of Dependable:

“capable or worthy of being depended upon, trustworthy,” 1735, from depend + -able.

Let’s look at the word depend while we’re at it…

Depend is a verb, an action.  It originates as “to be attached to as a condition or cause, be a conditional effect or result,”

The literal origins of the word means, “to hang, be sustained by being attached to something above”, “to hang from, hang down,”

from Latin dependere “to hang from, hang down; be dependent on, be derived,”

“de” means from or down and “pendere” means to hang, cause to hang; weigh

And this is how it came to mean “to rely, rest in full confidence or belief;”

Dependable:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS

Two things here.  Let’s first talk about success.  Should success be dependable?  What would your life be like if you could literally rely and rest in full confidence and belief that you are successful, that you do succeed and that you are a success?  How would you operate?

Grant talks about this in The Closer’s Survival Guide.  He says if you can’t predict and depend on your success, then you cannot call it a success.  And when there’s mystery and uncertainty and when you have doubt and fear those become indicators that there’s something you don’t know.  If you receiving poor results you should never try to justify them or make it easier to accept because they are someone else’s fault.

“Even if the results you are getting are someone else’s fault, the reality is they will not improve until you do something. You cannot wait for others to make a change when you won’t.”

Which means what?  Which means that you need to be as Grant teaches in 100 Ways To Stay Motivated, the most dependable person you know.

You need to be the go to person, the one to go to to get something done.

Are you consistent, are you there and are you trustworthy?

And you need to BE this for you first.  Before anyone else, you need to KNOW you’re dependable, that people can hang on you, rely on you and that is something you earn

Because, if you’re not doing the right things, it will erode and destroy your motivation.

So make a list of what you’re DEPENDABLE IN and what you’re not.  Where can you be EVEN MORE DEPENDABLE in your daily life, for you first and then for your family, your community, country and planet.