Payless Shoes Closing

Payless Shoes Closing

Payless Shoes Closing 2,500 Stores

Recently, Payless Shoes announced they’ll be closing 2,500 stores. Over the next 2 months America will witness the largest liquidation event, per store count, in retail history.  This is just another example that being the “lowest price” is an uphill battle.

With Payless Shoes closing that many stores all at once, it is a real reminder to us that price is a myth.  Who wants to pay less when there is less value?  Very few.

While buyers may shop the lowest price and claim it’s all about price, the reality is, it is value that they really want.

People buy products and services that solve problems.

In business, being the cheapest means you’ll have to accept next-to-nothing margins and this is incredibly hard to maintain.  In our company we have a motto,

Don’t lower price—add value!”

And that’s just one of Grant’s “secrets” to increasing your income

We’re doing an exclusive live training to tell you ALL the things you can do to succeed in business and bring in more money for yourself.  Even if you don’t own a business, even if you don’t consider yourself a “salesperson”, this live training will be huge for you.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • The little-known attitude that drastically determines earning potential
  • A weird (but effective) way to make WAY more money in your career
  • The simple 3 things you can do to get ahead in life
  • Why 2019 is the best time to be alive and attain financial freedom
  • The 3 elements all rich people have
  • Why you need to STOP doing something 99% of people do

payless shoes closing

Payless Shoes Closing