Never Blame Others!

Grant Cardone Greatest Salesman

The Great Salespeople Never Blame Others

GREAT salespeople never blame others, the economy or conditions for their performance!

It may be tempting to blame, but the great ones know that the blame game will only make you a slave.

If you’re playing the blame game, recognize that this is your opportunity to stop!

Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

The only thing blaming does is tie you up, hold you back and holds you down.

Challenge:  This week commit to taking 100% responsibility for everything.  Miss a deal?  Don’t blame the customer, the bank, the manager, the product, the price, or the weather.

It’s time to step up to total accountability now.

Starting today, check your ego, really take an honest look at how you will do better next time.

Don’t pass the buck.  Be like Harry!

The Greats assume responsibility, they don’t assign it to others.

True or False?  A great salesperson knows that the economy, the industry, and government control whether or not they achieve greatness…

Did you say false?  Hope so!

Exercise:  Write down the last 5 deals you didn’t close (or haven’t closed yet) and figure out what you CAN do to get them done.

Resources for Closing Material:  Cardone University and Cardone On Demand has well over 300 ways to handle objections, corrections and closes you can use to warm up before and debrief after a deal.   Also, The Closer’s Survival Guide book or audio program is loaded with over 100 ways to ink a deal.

As Grant says, “Be Great, Nothing Else Pays!”